The Haunting of Westminster Abbey

Romance Amidst Chaos…

British architect Wallace Butterfield’s invitation to design a new tower for Westminster Abbey has come as a summons from the chairman of the Abbey’s Foundation itself.

Though Butterfield feels he may not be the right choice, especially given that his most recent work was the design of ‘le Mareschal’s Supermarket,’ a large and unimpressive glass and chrome rectangle, he’s decided to give it a try.

After all, work is work. And work shouldn’t interfere with his desire to live his life and possibly find a romantic relationship in a local coffee shop.

Butterfield is clueless. He might be talented, but he’s unaware of the world around him. Especially when, in looking for love, he ends up involved with a coven of absinthe-drinking Witches who take an interest in what they perceive to be his special qualities.

But he doesn’t feel special, and he can’t understand why they are conspiring against him, plotting to do everything in their power (kidnapping, torture, or burning at the stake) to get what they want from him.

Given the incredible circumstances in which he finds himself, how will Butterfield survive the pursuit of the coven, an onslaught of ghosts from the Abbey’s tombs, and, more importantly, the disappointment of the Abbey’s chairman himself?

Worse, how can Butterfield even contemplate finding romance amidst the chaos?

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216 Page
5.5″ x 8.5″ x .525″
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Paperback ISBN: 9781770531857
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BISAC: FIC009000; FIC009050; FIC052000
Genres: Fantasy, Humorous, Paranormal, Satire


“As a neuroscientist, I was fascinated by the way the author parts from a serious mental illness and develops an interesting and historically sound theme that, not only, explains the problem in a whimsical way and posts different ways of containing it (my favorite is “Absinthe”), but also reaches out to the most defiant questions that we all have.” – Clemens Bauer

“This read is an amazing and fascinating read!” – Amazon Customer

“The closest comparison I can think of is The Brentford Trilogy by Robert Rankin, although the finale has distinct echoes of Douglas Adams.” – jonxboy

In Mark Patton’s The Haunting of Westminster Abbey, you get a madcap romp through British history, metaphysics, zoology, various London landmarks. And puns. Lots of puns.

$14.95 US Paperback: || AMAZON-US || AMAZON-CA ||
$5.99 US eBook: || KINDLE || KOBO || NOOK || APPLE || PLAY ||


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