Want to Be a Part of Everland?

Sign up before August 1, 2022 to achieve Fame and Fortune* … and receive a free copy of Misha Handman’s forthcoming Everland short story … along with updates to Misha’s next novel, Pawns and Phantoms (An Everland Mystery).

To participate, enter a character name and description (you can even send in your own name and description as you imagine you’d be described in 1950s Everland).


Only the most interesting characters will be considered for this the new story; which will be distributed to every signed up participant.

Note: If you would like to receive a copy of the story, but do not want to suggest a character/character description, check the ‘NO ENTRY’ box!


Notes and Disclaimer:

At least five submitted characters will be included in the short story, with the potential for more if Misha is able to fit them in!

Any details deemed inappropriate for the setting or hateful in nature** will not be considered for the short story.

Obviously, by signing up and entering a character name and description, you are giving permission for you or your character to be published and distributed in one Everland short story. All contest selectees will be credited.

* Fame and Fortune are not guaranteed. 🙂

** In the opinion of the author and/or publisher.