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Lorina Stephens

Lorina Stephens has worked as an editor, freelance journalist for national and regional print media, is the author of seven books (fiction and non-fiction), been a festival organizer, publicist, lectured on many topics from historical textiles and domestic technologies to publishing and writing, teaches, and continues to work as a writer, artist, and publisher at Five Rivers Publishing. She has had several short fiction pieces published in Canada’s acclaimed On Spec Magazine, Postscripts to Darkness, Neo-Opsis, Deluge, Strangers Among Us, and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s fantasy anthology Sword & Sorceress X. Her book credits include Caliban, Stonehouse Cooks, From Mountains of Ice, And the Angels Sang, and Shadow Song (Five Rivers Publishing), Recipes of a Dumb Housewife (Lulu Publishing), Credit River Valley, (Boston Mills Press), Touring the Giant’s Rib: A Guide to the Niagara Escarpment (Boston Mills Press). Lorina lives with her husband of four decades in a historic stone house in Neustadt, Ontario.

[UPDATED 2019-02-21]